I've been playing around with reFashioning clothes for a while now.

This page contains all of my refashion projects - so far.  Certain there is more to come!

What is ReFashioning? - ReFashions Explained

Plaid Skirt Refashion - That time I made 5 plaid garments from $8 worth of plaid shirts.

Work Shirt ReFashioned into a Maxi Dress

Work Shirt Refashion
Apron from a Dish Towel

Adjustable Size Apron
Top made from a Skirt
Top made from a skirt
A-Line (Yellow) Dress Refashion


Plaid Skirt (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia) Refashion

I call this skirt Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Bag from a skirt

Dress from a sheet - Student Project #2

Student Project #1 - Learning to sew

Shower Curtain Dress
Dress from a Shower Curtain

Faux Fur Vest

Faux Fur Vest

T-shirt Make Over

Flower Clutch

Circle Skirt/Dress

Refashion Runway - Week #5 (Boho Chic)

Refashion Runway - Week #4 (Maxi Dress or Skirt)

Refashion Runway - Week #3 (Purse)

Refashion Runway - Week #2 (Gingham)

Refashion Runway - Week #1 (Strips and Floral)

Refashion Runway

Boyfriend Shirt

From Duvet into 2 dresses

What is "reFashion" + Tips and Tricks

Making a small dress larger

Pink Skirt   (from Jr. size L to Plus Size 16)

No sew dog sweater

Sweater to Skirt refashion

Dress Resize - Smaller refashion - from size 26 to size 16

Dress Resize - Larger refashion - from Jr. size L to woman size 16

Turning Pants into a skirt + extra tips

Pants into a skirt - again

Dress into a shirt

Doggie Raincoat from a human raincoat

Tutu Dress Tutorial