This blog originally started as a place for me to post about my crafting adventures.  Before long I was posting home repair, recipes and hobbies I enjoy.

This page contains links to all of my crafting projects.

(In no particular order)

Santa Hat Tutorial

Serving Tray

Dog Stroller

Apple Pencil Wrap

Flower Dolls

Doll House Make Over - Part 1

Sponge Soap Dish

DIY - Flower Crown

Flower Crown Class
Flower Beadband / Fascinator
Flower headband
Beaded Headband

Loom Knitting
Loom Knitting 101

Easter Basket

DIY Dollhouse Bed Room

DIY Dollhouse Furniture

DIY Dollhouse Living Room

Mailable Birthday Cake

Embellished Flask

Flower Clutch

Halloween Ideas

Super Hero Castle for Boys

Bench from a Crib

Simple Valentines Day Crafts

Pajama Pants from a Bed Sheet

No Sew - Phone /Tablet Seat Back Mount

Wireless TV Mount (great for the kitchen)

iPhone Stand

Rag Doll

Dress for Rag Doll

Easy Sun Catcher

    Sun Catcher - Part 2 (tips and tricks)

Angry Birds Good Bags - great party favor

Play House - because I have boys we can't call it a doll house.

Poo Pourii - reduce/eliminate bathroom stink

Chore Chart - Part 1

     Chore Chart - Part 2

Diner/Play Restaurant - designed by my teenage son for his little brothers

Halloween made easy

Chalk Cloth Pencil Case

Party Kit - everything you need to make your own kit for class parties

Teacher Gift - a little jar for everything a teacher could want/need

Cloth Gift Bags and Tags