Knitting - Comfort Dolls aka Izzy Dolls

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Comfort Dolls

I've been making these little comfort dolls for weeks now.  They're easy, fun and quick to make on my Addi 22 hook knitting machine.
See the source image
Addi Professional Knitting Machine

There are a million video's on youtube to teach you to use a knitting machine.  (I'll link a few at the end of this post).

Here's the Pattern for these little dolls.

On a circular loom or knitting machine knit the following rows.

8 Rows for the shoes
3 Rows for the socks
15 Rows for the pants (or legs)
13 Rows for the shirt
11 Rows for the face
8 Rows for the hat or hair

No photo description available.
Freshly knitted

No photo description available.
Stretched knitting
No photo description available.
Top gathered
May be an image of crochet
Stuffing added
No photo description available.
Top and bottom gathered
No photo description available.
Legs and arms stitched
No photo description available.
Neck gathers added
No photo description available.
Eye painted with puff paint
Add any embellishments you like.  Shirts, hair or facial features.
Be creative!!

No photo description available.
To add a shirt, I surface crochet a base layer. 

Adding a skirt involves doing a surface crochet at the waist and doing a triple crochet in each stitch. 

All of these dolls are made with exactly the same pattern.

The only differences are color and embellishments!

No photo description available.
Sadness from the Movie Inside Out
Bernie Sanders
Here’s the link for how to use the Addi! 

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