Help - My Bobbin Popped Out!

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Recently I was posting on a crafting blog when someone posted this picture.  Her bobbin popped out of her machine and she was at a loss for what to do.

WHY this happens:

The happens for 2 reasons.  #1- the machine is dirty and needs to be cleaned.  #2- the bobbin was not properly installed.  Good news though, both problems are easy to fix!!

FIXING the problem:

Use a small brush to clean the bobbin compartment of the sewing machine.  Most machines come with a brush for this purpose.  You could also use a soft paint brush.

You’ll need to clean the bobbin compartment well. Make sure that you also clean the area where the needle goes into the machine.  Clean the lint from each of the bobbin casing pieces.  Take a deep breath and blow into the machine.  You might be surprised at how much lint has gathered.

REASSEMBLE the bobbin area:

Start with this piece.

Dust off this piece with your brush.  Set it inside the machine.  This piece rests on top of the part that moves.  

Next, dust off the large flat piece.

This piece covers the bobbin area.  There is a bump along the bottom edge that helps this piece slot into place.

If everything is seated properly, these parts will stay together when you remove your hand.  If they fall out right away, start again.  Something is not seated properly.

Finally, close the tabs.

There are 2 little black tabs that hold everything together while you’re sewing.  Slide both tabs down until they cover the metal bumps.

Finally, clean and insert your bobbin.  You’re all ready to sew!!


To keep this from happening again, every time you change your bobbin, disassemble and clean the bobbin area.

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Please post your questions below and Happy Sewing!!!!

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