Rag Rug from old T-shirts

4:00 PM


I needed a new rug for the family room and couldn’t find anything I liked.  Then it struck me - I’ll just make a rag rug!!

Pinterest was my guide on this project!  I used a 16mm crochet hook and my 3rd grade crochet skills from Girl Scouts.  

Next I needed t-shirt yarn.  To make t-shirt yarn I bought, washed t-shirts from the Good Will outlet.  

Once they were clean and sorted by color, I cut the shirts into strips.  Each strip was approximately two inches wide.

Next I cut a slit into the end of each shirt strip

I used a slip knot to combine the strips

Pull the other end through to tighten.

Roll the thread into a ball.

To make a round rug, I started with a 12 crochet chain stitch.

Next I did a single crochet all the way around the 12 stitch chain.

I continued to crochet around and around.

When the stitches felt too tight, I added a stitch to keep the project flat.

Here’s a video that I made about making this project.


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  1. Thanks so much. I’m especially enjoying the colors of your bathroom rug. This is a happy color combo.