Pandemic Crafting - Here’s What I’ve Made

4:10 PM

 When I’m a very old lady I assume that my great, great grandchildren will ask me “Bunny (that’s my grandma name) what did you craft during the pandemic?”  

This is what I’ll tell them:

I taught myself to macrame using tshirt  thread

Made an iPhone holder using binder clips

I made a capsule wardrobe using old flannel shirts (8 shirts, for $8)

Taught myself to macrame a heart.

Made a halter top from a fitted sheet.  (The corners of the sheet became the boob cups).

Made a dress from an oversized golf shirt.

Added a macrame heart to a t shirt

Made a cherry picker from an old creamer bottle and picked cherries from a neighbors tree.

Did an indoor weenie roast on the stove.

Crocheted a rug from old bed sheets.

Resized a 5x top down into a tunic.

Used rose pedals to make homemade rose water.

More macrame

Made a custom head wrap for a friend.

Crocheted a GIANT rug (6’ x 6x) from tshirt yarn.

Refashioned a dress into a tunic.

Taught myself to make tshirt yarn - lots of it!!

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