Santa Hat Tutorial - Loom Knitting

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Santa Hat
I’ve been making these little Santa hats for years!  Recently a friend asked that I make a tutorial so here it is.

This hat is made with a knitting loom.  Looms are typically sold in sets and are available at most craft stores in the knitting section.

For this project you will need:
Knitting loom
Loom pick
6 gauge white yarn
6 gauge red yarn
Yarn needle

Knitting Looms

Knitting Looms

For this project I chose the second largest loom in my set.


Size 6 - Bulky Yarn
Look for bulky yarn with this symbol on the label.

Knitting the Hat

Make a slip knot on the anchor peg of your loom.

Slip knot on anchor peg
Wrap each peg with the yarn 1x.

Wrap each peg

Work your way around the loom wrapping each peg one time.

Wrap the entire loom
Wrap each peg a second time.

Wrap a second time
Using your loom pick, pull the bottom yarn over the top yarn.    Pull the top yarn off the peg.  This is a knit stitch.

Pull the bottom yarn over the top yarn and off the peg
Knit your way all the way around the loom.

First row complete
Wrap the yarn around each peg 1 time.  Continue to knit until you have 10 rows.

10 knitted rows
When you have 10 knitted rows, pull the knitted yard through the center of the loom.

Pull the knitting through the center of the loom
Place the loops from the first row back on the loom.

Carefully place the knitted loops back on the loom

First knitted loop back on pegs
Knit the row by pulling the bottom yarn over the top yarn.  The hat brim in complete!

Add your new color
Now you’re ready to add your second color.  Tie a slip knot to the anchor peg and wrap the loom 1x in the hat color.  Knit 10 rows

Knit 10 rows!
Once you have 10 rows, you’re ready start reducing the hat to make the point.

Reduce your knitting 
Place the yarn from the first peg on the second peg. Knit the stitch by pulling the bottom yarn over the top yarn.  Wrap all other pegs as usual and knit the row.

Knit as usual leaving the empty peg
Each time you get to the end of a row, reduce the hat by 1 peg.

Continue to reduce
Reduce each row by 1 peg until you run out of pegs.

Reduced down to 1 peg

Grab your yarn needle.  Leaving a long tail (loose end) cut the yarn.
Thread the needle
Thread the needle with the tail yarn.

Pull the yarn needle through the last loop on the loom.  Remove the hat from loom.

Sew the hat closed
With the hat turned inside out, use the yarn needle to sew the hat closed.

That’s pretty much it!!

Weave in any lose yarn
Weave in any loose yarn.

That’s it!!!
Buy or make a Pom Pom for the end of the hat!!

Pom Pom Making

Everyone has their own technique for making Pom poms.  Here’s mine.

 Wrap yard around a book, cd, or piece of cardboard.  The more times you wrap, the fuller (and heavier) the Pom will be.

Remove the yarn from the object.

Tie the yarn bundle in the middle.

Use a tight double knot.

  Fold the bundle in half and snip off the top.  Trim to desired length.  Shake the Pom to fluff it up.

Thread the need with the Pom tail.

Turn the hat inside out and sew the Pom to the right side of the hat.

That’s it!  Now you’ve got a Santa hat!!!

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