Best Soy Yogurt Recipe Ever - Vegan, Sugar Free

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Homemade Soy Yogurt
I’ve been making homemade yogurt for years and I've spent a lot of time posting about my yogurt making adventures.

A couple of years ago I discovered that I could no longer tolerate dairy, so I've been on a mad search for the perfect soy yogurt recipe.
The yogurt always tastes fine but the texture varies GREATLY based milk.  Typically, cow milk makes smooth and creamy yogurt.  

Cows Milk Yogurt

Silk brand soy milk makes delicious but lumpy yogurt with lots of whey (liquid around the yogurt).  

Silk Soy Milk Yogurt
Almond Breeze brand almond milk makes very lumpy yogurt with lots and lots of whey.

Almond Milk Yogurt with Blueberries

Almond Milk Yogurt with Blueberries

The almond milk yogurt had so much whey that it was only usable for smoothies.  

A few weeks ago I accidentally discovered how to make wonderfully smooth and delicious Soy milk yogurt.

Tip #1 - Use a Yogurt Maker!
It's easy to incubate dairy yogurt in the microwave, crock pot or oven.  Non-dairy yogurt needs a yogurt maker!

I found a good yogurt maker for $7 at Goodwill..

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

Tip #2 - Use Good Quality Soy Milk
I've used Silk and other nationally recognized soy milk brands.  The best soy yogurt comes from Chinese Soy Milk.  Nature's Soy  Brand Soy Milk is my preferred non dairy milk.  It's also available unsweetened!

Soy Milk from the Asian market

I purchased this milk from my local Asian market (99 Ranch).  I believe that it makes great yogurt because it has very few ingredients.

Very few ingredients

That's pretty much it.

Homemade Soy Yogurt 
For this recipe you will need:
4 cups of Soy Milk
½ cup powdered soy milk 
2 tablespoons of yogurt with live and active yogurt cultures  
     OR  1 pack of freeze dried yogurt cultures (available on Amazon)
Food thermometer
Mix milk and powdered milk in a pan.   Heat to 180 degrees.  Remove milk from heat and allow it to cool to 110 -120degrees.  Whisk in yogurt starter.  Pour mixture into yogurt incubator.  Incubate for approx 8 hours.   Refrigerate yogurt to stop the incubation process. 

Add powdered milk to regular milk

Heat Milk to 180 degrees
Cool the milk down
Use plain yogurt with Live and Active yogurt cultures OR
Freeze dried yogurt culture packet

Incubate according to manufacturer's directions

I like to incubate overnight or while i'm at work.
The finished product is a smooth creamy dairy free yogurt!

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