Work Shirt Maxi Dress - Refashion

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This Work Shirt refashion has been updated!  Since I’ve lots a bit of weight I’ve sized it down!!

Here’s the original post:
Work Shirt Maxi Dress
My kiddo worked at a car dealership a while back.  He left that job for greener pastures, but his stack of work shirts have been in my car trunk for more than 6 months.

It took 5 shirts to make this maxi dress.  Four for the skirt and 1 for the bodice.

Cut off sleeves and collar
I liked the industrial look of this shirt but the collar and sleeves made it too hot.  I cut them off and surged the edges.  You could also use a zigzag stitch.

frayed neckline and sleeves

Sewing the edges will keep a slightly frayed look but will keep them from actually fraying.

Cut here to make the skirt
I removed the arms and top from the shirt  so that i'd have large flat pieces of fabric.  It took 4 of these sections to make the skirt.

Maxi skirt
I could have used 2 skirt sections for a shorter dress.

I love this dress so much!
I love this dress so much!  It reminds me of my son plus it's fun and easy to wear!

Work Shirt Refashion
As an added bonus - if you live in NJ the car dealership on this shirt was in the news recently.  A flash flood washed 16 cars into a local river.  Here's the video!

Here's a link to the news story.

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  1. Its great to find someone of a similar shape managing to upcycle stuff into their wardrobe , the sameness of mainstream fashion drives me mad . If i never see another handkerchief hem !!!! or gravy sleeve . You know the daft dangly set it on fire while your cooking type ...Keep up the good work