DIY Apple Pencil Wrap

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Before and After - Easy Apple Pencil Wrap

Recently I upgraded to an ipad to use for note taking for school.  I have to say that I've fallen MADLY in love with the Good Notes app and  my apple pencil.  The only problem is that the apple pencil is SO PLAIN!
Plain Apple Pencil
I wanted my Apple Pencil to look like a classic Dixon Ticonderoga so I made my own pencil wrap.

Classic Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Pencil
To make this pencil wrap you will need:
All Weather Shipping Labels (I used Avery #5526)
Clear Packing Tape
Color Printer
microfiber cloth
MS Power Point or Word Software

You'll need to be pretty comfortable with ruler fractions.  Here's a guide:

Ruler Fractions
Using MS Word or Power Point, create a square that is 5 3/8" x 1 1/4" for the pencil barrel.

Pencil Template Measurements

Create a square that is 1 1/4" x 3/8" for the cap.

Pencil Cap Mearurements
Here is a template.

Use your software to make the wraps any color your like.  Add pictures, textures, words or your own drawings.

Avery Labels
Print your wraps onto weather proof shipping labels.

PRO TIP:  Print 2 identical labels in case you make a mistake

Cut out the wrap.

Cut out the wrap

Carefully, cover the front of the wrap with clear packing tape.

Tape laminate the front of the wrap

Be sure to remove any air bubbles!

No air bubbles!
Trim the ends of the wrap so that no tape hangs over the edge.

No tape overhang!

Trim the tape on the long sides of the wrap so that 1/4" of tape is hanging over the edge.

1/4" overhang on the long edges
Remove the paper from the back of the wrap and install it on the pencil.

Microfiber cloth - like you use to clean glasses or electronics

Clean the pencil with a microfiber cloth or a lint free cloth.

Line the wrap up with the metal edge of the pencil.
Line the wrap up with the metal edge of the pencil.

Slide your finger down the center of the wrap.
Slide your finger down the center of the wrap to secure it into place.

Roll the wrap onto the pencil
Carefully roll the wrap into place.

Repeat the process to apply the wrap to the pencil cap.

All done!


You could easily draw or paint onto the the shipping label to create this wrap

I suggest weather proof shipping labels because they are strong, smudge proof and flexible.  You could probably use any kind of shipping label.

For more Crafty ideas, click HERE!

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  1. Good Job! I am just starting to blog and I am all over the place! Love to see beautiful woman making a lasting impression on this "cyberespace"
    Thank you

    1. Thanks Liz! Post a link to your blog so I can check you out!