Walking Breakfast

10:15 AM

Eggs on the Go!

I'm not a big fan of eating on the go, but sometimes it's the only way I get breakfast.  This walking breakfast is easy to make and filling.

For this recipe you will need:
2 pieces of bread
2 eggs
onions, peppers, meat or your favorite omelette fillings
Shredded Cheese
Salt, pepper
olive oil

I adore cooked onions so for this breakfast I used thinly chopped white onions and turkey bacon.  The onions add a bit of sweetness.

Saute the veggies and meat

Saute the veggies and meat until they are fully cooked.  While the veggies were cooking I prepared the bread and eggs.

Biscuit cutter cuts the bread
Using a large biscuit cutter (or a knife) remove the center from the bread.

Scramble the eggs in a bowl

Scramble the eggs with salt and pepper in a bowl. 

Add the bread

Divide the cooked veggies into 2 piles.  Center the bread over each pile of veggies.

Add eggs
Pour the eggs over the veggies.  Top with cheese.  (I used goat cheese)

Flip it over
Place the cut out toast circles over the hole in the bread and flip the bread over.  Cook until the bread is brown and the eggs are no longer runny.

Ready to go

Wrap the toast in a sandwich wrap or foil and you're ready to go!

Off to work!!

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