She Shed Improvements - Painted Boxwoods +

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Painted On Boxwood Bush
I'm LOVING my new She Shed but it needs improvements.  It's come a long way from where it was before but i'm still FAR from done!  This weekend I had several projects that added color and life to the space.

The shed started out as a home for our junk and several mouse skeletons.

Cleaned and Painted
Once it was cleaned and painted it was better, but not ideal.  I wanted to add a wall of boxwood plants but they were EXPENSIVE!

Plastic Boxwood Plants

Also, if I added plastic boxwoods to the wall, the wall would not be usable for hanging pictures.  My solution - a PAINTED boxwood wall.

Three Green Paints
 I found 3 different colors of green paint in my paint collection.

Keep colors separate
DO NOT mix the colors.  Keeping the colors separated on a paint tray, dip the sponge into each color and sponge paint the wall.

Half done
Frankly, the project was very tiring.  My arm got sore but before long it was all done!

Painted on Boxwood
Honey bee and lady bug stickers added a bit of flair to the shrub.

Bee Stickers

Lady Bug Stickers

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When I painted this wall, I left all of the nails in place.  That way I could still hang my ruler and my trash bag.

Bullentin Board Boxwood
To keep dirt outside the shed I arranged a few paver stones into a tiny front porch.

She Shed Front Porch

Using a old sarong, I made a curtain for the window.


I can't decide if I like this curtain better with or without the fringe.  For now i'm tucking the fringe away until I decide.

Curtain without the fringe

I added a few of my favorite books to a ledge.

Added my favorite books
Finally, I added a curtain rod and sheers to the door.

Sheers for the door
She sheers act like a screen and keep the bugs out while allowing the breeze in.

Home Sweet She Shed

On cool (bug free) days I tie back the sheer to enjoy the view outside!

My happy place

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  1. I love it but how do you keep your kids out so it can stay your She Shed & not become their We Shed? Lol.

    1. Lol! It’s super girly in there and I have sons. The initial thrill is gone for them so I mostly get it all to myself now!