She Shed - Floral Pendant Lamp

9:28 AM

UPDATE:  Over the weekend I changed this light to make it all one color.

Floral Pendant Light

From red and white to all white

Flower Pendant Light
Last weekend I started working on my She Shed / Crafting Space.  The project is coming along nicely, but it needs lighting.

Work in Progress
For This Project You Will Need:
1-Ikea Hemma Cord or a pendant light cord
Silk Flowers
Bucket or heat proof container
Silk Flowers
Hot Glue gun
Screw driver

There are several different kinds of pendant light cords.  Make sure that you get the kind with removable rings.  This will allow you to secure the bulb to the shade.

Pendant light with removable rings

Pendant Light Cord

I began this project with a small metal bucket (left over from another project).

Small Bucket
I used the flowers from an old floral headband that I wore to a party.

Floral Fascinator

The band broke so I removed the flowers.

Remove flowers from stem (or headband)

Disassemble the flowers.

Disassemble the flowers
One flower at a time, glue them to the bucket.

Glue flowers
One the flowers were glued to the bucket, I folded the petals to over any blank spots on the bucket.

Fold petals to cover blank spots on the bucket

Trace the light base onto the bottom of the bucket.

Trace the lamp base

Using a hammer and screwdriver, I cut our the hole.  Make sure to cut INSIDE the traced line.

Cut INSIDE the line

Remove the cut metal - watch our for sharp edges!

Be careful of sharp edges!
Insert the lamp through the hole.

Insert Lamp

Secure the lamp with the lamp ring

The sharp edges will be covered.

Now just add a light bulb!

That's IT!
Ready to work!

Let There be LIGHT!

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