Magnolia Headband Tutorial

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Magnolia Headband
Hydrangea and Magnolia Headband
This project is actually a refashion.  I made a beaded headband a while ago and I found that I never wore it.

Beaded Headband
This headband was perfectly fine, it's just that I'm not really a headband person unless it's a special occasion - so I removed the beads from the headband and started over!

Naked headband
I chose a headband that was a color that would blend into my hair.

Next I chose silk flowers that I liked that were not too heavy.  I selected Magnolias and Wine colored Hydrangea.

I removed the silk flowers from their bush and discarded the leaves.  I didn't need wire cutters for this task (though I thought I would).

Stems remain
  For some of the flowers I cut the stem. with others I left them on.

Stem removed
Using a generous amount of hot glue I added the flowers one by one to the head band.

Use lots of hot glue

First flower

Continue adding flowers
There was really no rhyme or reason to the way I added the flowers.  I just kept adding them until the band looked right to me.

Keep adding flowers
Add extra glue to hold the flowers to the band.

Secure the flowers to the band.
Once the main (white) flowers were in place, I added little bits of hydrangea for color.


I knew that I wanted the flowers to go down one side of my head and not the other so I intentionally left one side of the band naked.

At the event!
I've made other headbands.  Here are a few.

Beaded Headband

Headband with beads
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Floral Headband
Floral Band

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Flower Crowns

Live Flower Crowns
Flower Crowns
Flower Crown Class
Here's the tutorial for flower crowns (made with live flowers!)  This class was courtesy of Pearls and PeanutButter Floral Design. 

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