Salt and Pepa Costume

9:43 AM

Halloween Refashion

It's Halloween Time aka The Superbowl of Crafting!  When a friend asked me to make the 1990s jacket from Salt and Pepa I wasn't sure that I could get it done.

Basic Pleather Jacket
In truth, I wasn't even sure what she was talking about.  So she sent me this picture as inspiration.

1/2 a yard of yellow fleece and a few squares of felt and the job was all done.

Polar Fleece
Fleece was used for the panels because it's soft and it bends and sews easily.

Felt Squares

For each panel, I placed the yellow fleece on top of the jacket and cut it roughly to size.

Cut panel to size

The letters were created by cutting a strip of felt so that it fit on the jacket in the desired location.

Cut the felt to fit on the jacket

Next I cut the felt into squares and spaced them to fit onto the yellow panel.

Cut and space the squares to fit

Once I was sure that all of the letters would fit, I cut the squares into letters.

Cut the felt squares into letters

I repeated this process with the masks.


The masks and the letters are attached with hot glue.

Hot glue the letters and masks in place
The fleece panels are sewn to the jacket.

Sew the completed panels to the jacket
Once the jacket was done it was time to party!

Ready to party


Party Time!

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