Praise for One Brown Mom

11:36 AM

Lately I've been asked hearing "hey how do you..." or "do you have a recipe for..."  My personal favorite is "I wanted to make x so I looked on One Brown Mom because I knew that you'd have the recipe."

Recently I got the following post on my FaceBook page!

Plumbing Problem

  The plumbing came loose under my aunt's bathroom sink.  She wanted to know "what would One Brown Mom do?  Would I fix it myself?


Well of course I would!  I told her to take the broken pieces with her to Home Depot and buy exact replacements.

Well she did just that it fixed it herself!!!

If you have questions or if there's something you'd like to see on this blog shoot me an email using the contact link on the right side of the screen!

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  1. No doubt brown mom is so versatile, she has done so many phenomenal work.I like her creativity and yummy recipes.She is my favorite❤