Pattern Making - Mario and Luigi Hats

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Mario and Luigi Hats in various sizes
From time to time people ask me to make Mario and Luigi hats for parties.  Several years ago I made a batch of these hats for my son's birthday party and they were a real hit!

Mario and Luigi Hats - Party Favor
 The other day a reader of this blog reached out to me and asked if I could make a large batch of hats in various sizes and colors for a video game themed family party. 

Party Favors are usually One Size Fits All
Children's party favors are usually one size fits all.  Because this order was for Small, Medium and Large hats I needed several patterns.  This blog post will cover the pattern making process for various size hats.

If you need to make one or two hats, read this blog post!

Pattern Making Materials
To make this pattern you will need:
Felt or fleece
Ruler or Tape Measure
Circle Skirt Calculator (available online)

Hat Sizes
I have divided the hats into Small, Medium and Large
Small - child size hat (approx 12" across - unsewn)
Medium - teen size hat (approx 14" across - unsewn)
Large - adult size hat  (approx 16" across - unsewn)

Making Circles
These hats are basically 3 circles.

3 Circles
There is a solid circle = top of the hat
Circle with a hole = head band
Small circle = the bill of the hat

Use your ruler or tape measure to begin marking a circle on the fabric.  For a 16" circle mark a spot at the tip of the tape measure, the center point (at 8")  and the end point (at 16").

Marking the circle
Using the center point as an anchor, continue to mark the circle.

Mark a circle
Connect the marks on the fabric to draw a circle.

Draw the circle
Cut the circle out.

Cut out your new pattern

Calculating head size

Using a tape measure, measure your head.

Measure your head
Fold your hat pattern in half

Fold the pattern in half
Fold the pattern in half again.

Fold in half again
Find a circle skirt calculator on the Internet or on your phone.  There are LOADS of circle skirt calculators available.  I use Circle Skirt App - By Hand London but they're pretty much all the same.  The skirt calculator will help you cut the correct size hole for your head.

Circle Skirt App

On the circle skirt app select "Full Skirt".  Also select Mini (this selection doesn't matter).

Waist size = head size

When asked for the waist size, enter your head size.  My head is 20".  Because the fabric is stretchy, I entered 19 inches.

This is the number you need

The number that you need to pay attention to is "your waist radius".

Measure and mark
Measuring from the center point of your folded fleece, mark the pattern.

Mark your fabric.
The circle skirt calculator told me that I needed to measure 2 3/4".  So I measured and marked 2 3/4" from the center of the folded circle.

Cut out the center

Cut out the the center circle as marked.  Your pattern is now complete!

Your pattern is now complete.

Putting it all together - Making the Hat

Fold a piece of Blizzard Fleece in half.  Mark the pattern on the fabric.

Fold fleece in half - mark and cut pattern
You will end up with 2 circle.

2 Circles
Carefully cut the center circle from one of the hat pieces.

3 Circles

Fold the smallest circle in half.  Cut along the fold.

Fold the circle in half
You should now have 4 hat pieces.

4 hat pieces
Sew the outer edge of the hat pieces together.

Sew the outer edges
Sew the outer edge of the hat bill.

Sew the hat bill
Turn the hat at the bill inside out.

Turn the hat inside out

Center the bill on the edge of the hat band.  Stitch in place.

Stitch the bill in place

Adding the Letter

Using white fleece, cut a circle that is small enough to fit on the front of the hat.

Cut a white circle
Cut colored fleece that is smaller than the white circle.

Must fit inside the circle
Fold the colored fleece in half and out your letter.

Fold fleece in half
Cut out basic letter shape

Center the letter on the circle

Stitch your letter to the white circle.

Stitch the letter on the circle
Stitch the white circle to the hat

Stitch the circle to the hat
That's it - You're Done!!

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