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DIY Bike Stand
My kids bikes spend most of the summer laying in the yard or abandoned on the driveway.  They're finally old enough to "store" them in places where they're unlikely to be run over by the car, but we need a better plan.

Unacceptable bike storage
Sure I could buy a ready made bike stand or rack from a store  but that's just not the One Brown Mom way! Depending on its simplicity and the materials you use it may be cheaper. Plus, making my own will also allow me to custom make it to fit our needs. 

As I ponder what kind of stand I'll make, here are a few ideas I'm considering:

1.     PVC Piping Rack

PVC Stand
Armed with some PVC tubes, a PVC pipe cutter and pipe glue or cement you can create a single bike stand or a PVC bike rack to hold all your family’s bikes. The advantage of a PVC rack is that PVC is quite affordable. Besides, it is light therefore the rack will be easily portable.

2.     Off the wall rack

Off the Wall Rack

You can make an off the wall rack where you hang your bike. The rack is made by mounting a wood extension on a wall. Rails, similar to those of window curtains are then attached to the wood and hooks used to hold the bike in place. When making an off the wall rack ensure that the wall is firmly mounted on the wall and that the hooks and rail are sturdy.

3.     DIY bike stand from handlebars

Handlebar Bike Stand
You can either use new or old handlebars from an older bike that is no longer in use.  To make a single bike stand, glue the center of the handlebar to a small piece of wound. Using a nail, mount the handle bar on the wall firmly. Hang the bike top tube on the handlebar stand.

4.     Shipping pallet

Shipping Pallet  Bike Stand

If the slats are spaced well enough to accommodate the width of your bicycle wheel you will not need to make any changes on the pallet. Mount the upright pallet on 2x4s and you've got a quick and easy stand.  Fit the front wheel of your bikes into the slats. If the width of your wheel size is bigger than the slats, modify the pallet slats so that the wheel fits well. 

5.     Wall hooks

Wall Hooks
This one is similar to the handlebar DIY bike stand. However, instead of using the handlebars to hold the bike’s top tube, you use metal hooks. It can be placed slightly above the bikes height or on the upper parts of the wall.

6.     DIY ceiling bike storage

Ceiling Bike Storage

 A ceiling storage option is ideal if you do not have space on the ground or wall and you have enough headroom. It must however be well fastened to the ceiling and should be sturdy to prevent the bike falling off getting damaged or causing injuries.

Factors to consider before making your own DIY bike stand

1.     Weight of your bike. Heavier bikes require an on-the- ground bike stand while lighter bikes can be mounted on wall or ceiling stands.
2.     Location where the bike stand will be placed. Will the bike stand be placed outside, in the garage, mounted on a wall or on the ceiling? If placed outside, consider using PVC tube to make the stand as metal is likely to rust when the weather is humid and wood may rot.
3.     Cost.  Determine the materials, tools and equipment you require to make the stand. PVC and wood will be more readily available and cheaper. Metallic materials may be more expensive. If the cost of making one is higher than buying a ready made bike stand, you may want to consider purchasing a ready made one. Unless of course you do not mind the cost or you want to custom make one that suits your house design.
4.     Number of bikes to be stored. If you live alone and you own one bike it will be OK to make a single standing bike stand. Otherwise, if you with your family or friends or you own more than one bike, it may be more reasonable to make a rack to hold all the bikes so as to save on resources and space.
5.     Materials readily available. You do not have to go far to find the materials to make your stand. Look around your house and garage to see whether there are some materials such as scrap wood, metal or or parts that you can use to make the stand or rack.

Having a good bike stand is one of the ways of taking care of your bike.  These ideas can be a beginning point on your DIY bike stand project.  I think I'll make the pallet bike stand this weekend.  I'll be sure to post a tutorial for whatever I build.  Stay tuned!

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