Top from a Skirt

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Skirt to top ReFashion
When I saw this skirt at Goodwill I knew that I had to have it.  It's not really my style but it seemed like it would make a great top.

Original Skirt
The beauty of this top is that it didn't take long to make and relatively little sewing was required.  Using a seam ripper I removed the waist band seam where I wanted the arm holes to be.
Remove a portion of the waist band 

Create arm holes
With a good portion of the waist band removed I tried on the top to make sure that the arm holes were comfortable.

Just enough waist band removed

Honestly I could have stopped here.  Simply removing a portion of the waist band made a nice off the shoulder top.  I wanted a top that would cover bra straps so I kept going.

Making Shoulder Straps
To create shoulder straps I bent the waist band so that it would go over my shoulders.  This bend created a pucker.
Cut the pucker
I cut the middle of the pucker.

Don't cut all the way through the waist band
Don't cut all the way through the waist band.

Reposition the straps 
Reposition the straps to the angle you prefer.

Pin the straps in their new position.
Pin and stitch the straps in place.  Repeat this step for left and right, front and back.

Stitch under the arm

Fold and stitch the portion of the top that will go under the arms.

Stitch the shoulder strap

Stitch the shoulder strap closed.

The top can be worn forward or backward
The original skirt had a zipper down the back.  Wear the top with the zipper at the front or back.

Zipper open

Zipper open and tucked in

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  1. You are a GENIUS! I love following you, and, as a plus-size woman, appreciate your creations. I know whatever you make will also be possible for me, too!! Your creativity is wonderful!!!

    1. Thank you so much Darcy! Your words mean so much to me! For the longest time I was like "where are the plus size refashions"!? I had to create what I wanted to see in the world.

  2. The top is way cuter than the skirt. Love it.