Skirt/ Dress from a Shower Curtain

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Dress from a Shower Curtain
Last week we talked about all of the dresses that I'd made from bed sheets.  I was looking through the sheet dress pictures when I remembered that I've also made a couple of dresses from Shower Curtains!

I found a nice shower curtain in the linens section of Good Will and something about it called out to be a dress.

BEFORE - Just a curtain
I paired the curtain with a blue knit polo top.

BEFORE - Polo top
There tutorial detaining how I made this dress can be found here!  Sometimes I pair this dress with a white top tied at the waist.

Dress with a tied shirt

This white dress is made entirely from a shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Dress #2
There is no tutorial for this dress because I'm still deciding if I like it or not.  In the end I may remake the bodice (top).  I wanted a new dress for a baby shower and this dress did the trick.

Shirred panel in the back
Because there is not a lot of fabric to spare on a shower curtain, I added white fabric and made a shirred panel so that the dress would fit.  Here's a tutorial on shirring.

Shower Curtain Maxi Dress
I LOVE this fabric and I'll likely add shoulder straps to this dress.

Group Pic from a Baby Shower


Shirring is the practice of making a panel of plain fabric into stretch fabric.  You've probably seen and worn shirring a thousand times.  This is what shirring looks like:

Shirred Fabric
Check out this tutorial to learn more about shirring.

Shirred Panel

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