Jeweled Headband

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Jeweled Headband
Sometimes you get a sure sign that you're leading a nice life.  The fact that I spend all day yesterday wondering if this headband was a good fashion choice was that sign for me.  In a world full of crazy headband vs no headband doesn't amount to a hill of beads.

In the end I decided that I like this easy craft.  Here's how you make it!

For this project you will need:
PreStrung Beads
Embroidery Floss (black)
Hot Glue/gun

I was able to find 3 headbands for $5 at Target.


Most craft stores have a huge selection of beads.  I prefer to use beads that are already strung together on a wire.

Pre Strung Beads
Make sure that your beads are not too heavy for your head.

Embroidery Floss
I used white embroidery floss for this project so that it would be easy to photograph.  For your own project use black or some other dark color.

Putting It All Together

My beads
Remove the tag from your string of beads.  DO NOT remove the metal clip that secures the bead to their string.

Thread your needle.  Loop the thread around the headband and the first bead.
Secure the first bead to the headband.

Wrap the thread around the first bead 2 times.  Tie a knot to hold the thread in place.  Move to the next bead.

Make a loop with the thread

Make a loop with the thread.

Thread your needle through the loop
Thread your needle through the loop.

Pull the thread tight against the beads
Pull the loop tight against the beads.  Wrap the thread around the bead and headband 2 times.  Tie a knot.  Move to the next bead.

Side View
Secure each bead to the headband until you reach the end of the string of beads.

Top view
You should not be able to see the thread from the top view of the headband.

Hot Glue Here

Hot glue the sides of the headband to hold everything in place.

Ready to wear!

Action Shot!
My local craft store had an OCEAN of preStrung beads!

Beads, Beads Everywhere!
Here is another great headband idea!

Flower Headband
Click HERE to the flower headband tutorial!

Flower Headband
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