Flower Dolls

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Flower Dolls
My latest crafty obsession is flower dolls.  I've seen these around but I had no idea how to make them until recently.

Because I do lots of crafts there are always supplies around my house.  These dolls are make from items left over from other crafty projects.

For this craft you will need:
Pipe Cleaners/Fuzzy Sticks
Silk Flowers
Hot Glue Gun/Glue Stick
Yarn (for the body)
Wooden Bead (for the head)

In case you're not familiar with some of these supplies, here they are:

When I was a kid we called these Pipe Cleaners

Pack of Wooden Beads


Start with 2 fuzzy sticks.

Start with 2 Fuzzy Sticks

Fold one in half.

Fold 1 stick in half
Then cut it in half.

Ready to make the body

Fold the longer stick in half.

Fold the longer stick in half

Place the folded stick over the short stick.

Position the short stick over the folded stick

Fold the top of the stick over the short stick.

Fold the bent stick down
Fold the bent stick through the legs of the longer stick.

Wrap the long stick around the short stick

Now you have a body base.

Body frame is complete

Place a tiny dot of glue at the center of the torso then begin wrapping yarn.

Wrap the yard for the torso

Criss-cross the yard back and forth over the shoulders of the body.

Criss-cross the yarn over both shoulders

Wrap the yarn until the body is as large as you like.

Wrap yarn over both shoulders

When the body is done, glue the end of the yard in place with a tiny dot of glue.

Body Complete


Choose the flower(s) you'd like to use for the skirt.  I used an old flower pen.

Find a silk flower you like for the shirt - I used an old flower pen
Separate the flower petals.

Separate the petals

Take apart as many flowers as you like.
Take apart as many flowers as you like

I chose 3 flowers for this doll.

Disassemble Sun Flower

Ready for a dress
All flowers will have a hole in the center.

Slip doll feet through the center of the flowers

Slip the petals over the dolls feet.

Slip petals over feet

Add petals one layer at a time.

First Petal

Continue to add petals until you're happy with the flower skirt.

One petal

Two petals

Look at your doll from every angle

Keep adding petals until you're satisfied
Keep adding petals to your doll until you are happy with her from every angle.

Add and remove petals until she's perfect
Feel free to add and remove petals until your doll looks just right!

Place a drop of glue between each layer.
Once you're happy with the skirt, slide the petals apart and place a drop of hot glue between each layer of petals.

Add a drop of hot glue to the post for the head
Add a drop of hot glue to the post for the head.  Then add a bead for the head.

You may need to trip the fuzzy stick a bit
Trim the fuzzy stick from the top of the head (if you need to).

Head complete!


Using a pen cap I roll the edges of the fuzzy stick so that they don't poke anybody.

Roll the Hands and Feet
I also like to bend the knees and elbows

Bend the knees


I don't mind a bald doll
I don't mind a bald doll,  If you'd prefer a head covering, you can use flower parts or yarn.

Flower parts make great hats and hair!

Flower Part hair

Flower Part Hat

Flower Part Hair

Hair from flower petals

Trim and glue the hair until it's just right!


Simple Flower Doll - Made using 1 flowers

Made using 2 flowers

Flower Doll holding bouquet
A couple of these cuties even sit on my desk at work.

Work Flower Dolls

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