Flower Crown / Floral Headband Tutorial

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Floral Headband
One of my favorite Spring Accessories is the flower crown!  I've been seeing them all over so I decided to create one for myself!
My Inspiration

My Flower Crown!

My Flower Crown
Back in the fall I attended a flower crown making class offering by famed Floral Designer Kwanza Branch of Pearls and Peanutbutter.

Kwanza Branch - Pearls and Peanutbutter
I blogged about her class here!   Her class was amazing and SO MUCH FUN!  My crown is a variation on the one I learned in that class.

 For this craft you will need:
Black Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
2-3 bunches of silk flowers
Hot Glue/Gun

I was able to find a 3 pack of headbands from Target for about $5.00.  I chose a color what would blend easily with my hair.

Basic Headbands
These flowers came from a local craft store.  I purchased sprigs in colors that would match a particular dress.

Flower Bush
Separate the flower sprigs from the bush.  This step should not require scissors.  They pull right off.

Flower Sprig
Thread the embroidery needle with embroidery floss.  Feed the needle through the hole at the base of the flower sprig.

Hole in the Flower Sprig
Secure the flower to the headband.

Secure flower to headband
  Wrap the floss around the stem of the flower and the headband several times.

Wrap the thread around the flower stem and the headband
Pass the needle under the thread and tie a knot.

Tie a knot
Use this same technique to add the next flower sprig.

Add the next sprig
Continue adding flowers until the headband is covered.

Keep adding flowers
The yellow flowers on this crown serve as the base flower.  They cover the majority of the headband and function as a background color for my floral arrangement.

Secure base flowers tightly.
The thread/floss will be visible at this stage.  Don't worry about it.  The thread will be covered by accent flowers.

Base flowers complete
Once the band is covered with base flowers you're ready for accent flowers.

Remove flowers from stems
Pull the flowers from the stems.  This step should not require scissors.

Flower pull off easily

Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the base of the accent flowers. Insert them into the flower arrangement until you're satisfied with the look.

Hot glue accent flowers
The accent flowers don't need to be glued to the band.  They are glued to the petals of the base flowers.

This flower crown is worn across the top of the head.  If you'd like a tutorial for a flower crown that is worn across the front of the head (forehead) click HERE.

Here's another headband idea!

Beaded Head band
Here's the tutorial for the beaded headband - SUPER EASY!

For more Crafty ideas visit my CRAFTS page!

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