Tip and Tricks - Gift Card Shopping Guide

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Gift Card Time

As the holiday season approaches gift card sales are sure to spike.  I've created this guide to offer you the best tips for Gift Card Shopping.

Buying Cards
Sure you can run down to the local drug store and buy a last minute gift card.  But there is a better way!  Buy your gift cards online using a Gift Card Marketplace.  Sites like Gift Cardio, Ebay and Gift card Granny all have a wide variety of  cards available.  You can also choose between a physical card or an ecard. Using ecards allows your to maximize savings on last minute gift cards.  The best sites will even allow you to see when a particular card is at its greatest discount!

Using Cards
Use gift cards to shop for yourself!  Did you know that stores with a high profit margin offer the greatest discounts on gift cards?  If you'll be shopping for clothing, accessories or flowers look for gift card deals!

Example: Say you want to buy flowers for the holiday table.  Your budget is $100. Using a gift card marketplace you can purchase a $100 eCard for 800-Flowers for $80.  If the site has a coupon or other sale, your savings will be even greater! 

Keep in Mind - Even though you're paying with a gift card, you can still use coupons and coupons codes!  Also, if you need to use the card right away, make sure you purchase an eCard and not a Physical gift card.  An eCard arrives by email and can be used immediately.  If you purchase a physical gift card, you have to wait for it to arrive by mail.


Maximizing Savings
Now that you know how to save money using gift cards, you'll want to make sure that you get the MAXIMUM amount of savings!!!  Here are my best tips:

* Get Honey!!  Honey is a coupon code app that you add to your desk top computer. (it's not yet available for mobile devices).  Read all about Honey here.  Once the honey app is on your computer, anytime you check out, Honey scans all available coupon codes and adds them to your order.  After the initial sign up it's effortless and can save you a TON of time and money!

* FIND & USE COUPONS!  There are loads of coupon sites online.  Retailmenot is one of my favorites.  If the site that you're shopping on offers coupon codes or other discounts - use them!
Example:  Say you're buying a pair of pants from Macy's.  Before you check out, open a new tab and  google "Macy's coupon code".  Try any/all codes you find.     

Always use coupons or coupon codes

Selling Gift Card    
You never have to be stuck with a gift card or store credit that you can't use.  Once the shopping season is done sell any remaining/unused value on your cards.  I did an entire blog on selling gift cards.  You can find it here!  My go-to spot for selling unwanted cards is CardCash, but there are lots of sites out there.

Gift cards are ALWAYS the perfect gift because you can use them OR turn them into cash.  Your choice!

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Look for other stores that will accept your gift card!  For example, did you know that a Banana Republic gift card can also be used at Gap, Old Navy, Athleta and The Options?  An 800-Flowers gift card can be used at  Harry & David, Fannie May, The Popcorn Factory and many other stores.

To find out where else your gift card can be used, look for the gift card section on the stores Internet page.

Other stores will accept your gift card

There is ALWAYS fine print and you HAVE to read the fine print.  



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