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DIY Flower Crown
Yup, I made that!
Recently I attended a class called Roses and Rose.  The idea was to sip wine, learn to make flower crowns and enjoy the company of friends.  The class was held at a local wine shop and was hosted by the FABULOUS Pearls and Peanut Butter Floral Design.  Honestly if you're not following Pearls and Peanut Butter on Instagram, I have NO IDEA what you're doing with you life!

Kwanza of Pearls and Peanut Butter
Now i've seen these crowns around and they seemed easy to make.  They are and they aren't.  They are not difficult to make - just tedious.

For this project you will need:
Tea Roses (5-10)
Small filler flowers (1 small bunch)  
thin flower wire
heavy gague wire

Crown making supplies
The good news about this project is that you almost can't mess it up!  Using the heavy gague wire make the base of the crown.  Because I was attending a class, this step was done for me.

Create crown base.  Add ribbon

Snip a bit of the filler flower.  Leave about an inch of stem.

Snip your first bit of flower

Leave at least an inch of stem on the flower
Using the thin flower wire, secure the flower stem to crown base,

Using flower wire, secure flowers to the base
Hold the flowers against the crown base.

Wrap the wire around the flowers and
the base until the flowers are secure
Wrap the wire around both the flower and the crown base.

Keep wrapping
Keep wrapping until the flower is secure

All wrapped!  Now add a second group of flowers.

Add the next flower
Secure the second bunch of flowers

I pre cut bunches of flowers to make the process faster
I pre-cut my flowers into small bunches to make things easier

Add in roses
Add in tea roses, or leafy greens

Wired roses
These small tea roses had the stems cut off and wires added in place of the stem.

Wrap wire stem around crown base
Using the wire on the rose, add it to the crown base.

Almost done!
Keep adding flowers until your crown looks right to you.

Keep adding
Add as many flowers as you like!

Add leafy greens too!
I added a bit of euclalyptus leave

All done!

Me and my girls!
Power Power Gang!

Flower Crown Fun!
Selfie Time!

Mocktail made special for the occasion!  To make custom bottle labels, click HERE!

Also makes a great center piece!

Roses, roses, everywhere!
Fun with friends!

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