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8 Bag Tea Wallet
Ok tea drinking friends: How oh how have you lived this long without a tea wallet!?!?  Not to worry - your wait it over!

For this project you will need:
1/2 yard of fabric or 2 Fat Quarters
Closure (button, snap or velcro)
Sewing Machine
2 pieces of notebook paper
Sewing Machine
1/4 yard pul film or rip stop (optional)

Making the pattern:
If you will be making more than 1 or 2  tea wallets, I suggest that you make a felt pattern.  Pattern making tutorial is here.  Otherwise you can make a simple pattern out of a piece of notebook paper.

Wallet Body Pattern

Using a standard piece of notebook paper measure as follows:

Tea Wallet Body
11" high
7" wide
Tea Wallet Flap
3" high
3 1/2" wide
Tea Wallet Pocket
3" high
11" wide

Measurements for tea wallet body
Measurements for tea wallet pocket
For this tea wallet I chose Starry, Starry Night fabric.  It's one of my favorites!

Starry, Starry Night Fabric
Fold the fabric in half, place the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric and cut.  This will give you 2 pieces.

Cut out wallet body
Using the tea wallet pocket pattern, cut 4.  I cut 2 yellow and 2 green.

Cut pockets

All cut out
Now you're ready to sew!

Hem the long edges on all of the pocket pieces.  If you're a beginner, fold the edge down, press it in place with an iron, then hem.
Fold the edge and hem
Some seamstresses prefer a double fold.  The choice is yours.

double fold
Hemmed pockets
Fold the tea wallet body in half and mark the center point.

Fold the tea wallet body in half

Mark the center point

Mark the center point with a straight pin or a washable marker.  Pin the pockets in place.

Pin Pockets in place.
NOTE:  For the top row of pockets, the bottom edge of the pocket should not go below the center point of the wallet body.

Watch for the pin that marks the center point.
Both pockets pinned in place.
Once the pockets are in place, stitch them one at a time.   

Stitch pockets one at a time.
Fold the bottom (green) pocket out of the way and stitch along the bottom edge of the top (yellow) pocket.  Next stitch along the bottom edge of the top (green) pocket.

Center along the bottom edge of the wallet

Pin the bottom row of pockets in place.  Line the bottom edge of the bottom (green) pocket with the bottom edge of the wallet body.

Line up the bottom row of pockets - stitch in place

Stitch pockets in place
 Stitch the pockets in place one at a time.  Stitch the top (yellow) pocket first.  

Add second wallet body
Pin the second wallet body on top of the first with the right sides together.

Leave an opening to turn

Stitch along the outter edge of the tea wallet.  Make sure that you leave an opening to turn the wallet inside out.

Trim the wallet

Trim all excess fabric from the wallet.  Trim the wallet pockets down to 1/4".  Snip all corners.

Snip all corners

Snip all corners on your wallet. (There are 5 corners) This will allow the edges of the wallet to lay flat.  Be careful not to cut your stitching!

Snip the flap corner
Snip the flap of your wallet.  This will allow the flap to fold smoothly.  Be careful not to cut your stitching.

Snip the flap corner
Turn the wallet inside out.  Use a pencil or chopstick to turn the corners.

Turn inside out
Top stitch the edges making sure to close the opening you left to turn the wallet inside out.

Top Stitch the wallet including the opening.

Top Stitched
Fold the wallet in half to find the center point.

Fold in half to locate the center point
Mark the center point of the wallet with a pin.

Mark the Center point with a pin
Starting at the bottom, top stitch the center line in the wallet.

Top Stitch Center Line
Add your favorite closure.  I use Kam Snaps and a snap press.  You could also use a button, velcro or some other closure.

Add a closure.
 Now you're ready to load your wallet with your favorite tea!

Just add tea!

To close your wallet, fold it in half.

Fold to close
Fold up from the bottom.

Fold in half again
Snap Closed.

Ready to go!!
Travel Ready!

Make your tea wallet moisture proof by adding a layer of pul film.  Pul film is available at  Please note this is the 3mm FILM, not pul fabric.  (NOT a paid advertisement).  I just happen to love their product.

pul film

If you can't get your hands on pul film and you would still like to make your wallet moisture resistant (not moisture proof) add in a layer of rip stop - available at any fabric store.

If you don't sew, don't worry - BUY yourself a tea wallet HERE!

For more tutorials or SEWING tips, click HERE!

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  1. Hello! What a lovely idea! I love tea and this would be a convenient way for me to carry it. I would also love to gift tea in a tea wallet to friends. Thanks for sharing.