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Fab Witches Hat!
 Halloween is the super bowl of the crafting world.  EVERY crafters phone is ringing off the hook with crafty requests.  When I girl friend needed a white witches hat to complete her daughter's costume I was happy to help.  This hat is made from about 1/3 yard of scrap felt that I had in my sewing room.  I made the hat.  My friend and her daughter added the embellishments.

This blog will teach you how to make a basic hat.

Basic Witches Hat
For this craft you will need:
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
1/3 yard of felt

Lay the felt flat and fold over one corner to make a point.

Lay felt flat

Fold over 1 corner to create a point

Fold down one corner
Cut hat with a rounded bottom

Cut rounded edge
Glue the long edge of the hat

Hot glue the cone

This hat needed to fit a 20" head.  I measured the hat to make sure that it was at least 20" around.

Measure the hat to hit the head
Pin the hat to mark the 20" point

Mark with a pin
The Pin marks the desired width of the hat.  Lay the hat flat and cut 1 1/2" below the pin.

Lay the hat flat to trim
Trim 1 1/2" below the pin

Trim 1 1/2" below pin
To create the brim, stand the hat in the middle of a square of fabric.  Make sure that brim is as wide as you'd like it to be.

Measure for the brim
Remove the cone shaped hat and hold the felt to create the brim.

Ready to make a brim

Fold the felt in half.

Fold felt in half
Fold in half again

Create a square
Fold once more to create a triangle.

Fold to create a triangle
Cut the circle into a square.

Trim the square
Once you have a circle, cut a second identical circle.

Cut a second circle.
Having 2 layers of felt for the brim gives this hat a nice shape and makes it less floppy. Pin the 1 circles together.

Center the cone hat on the brim
Using a marker, trace around the hat.

Trace around the cone
Remove the cone 

Remove the cone
Cut a slit in the middle of the brim circle

Cut a slit
Cut an X in the middle of the circle.

Fold back the edges of the circle
Remove the center of the circle

Snip the center pieces from the circle

There will be 4 sections at the center of the felt.

4 sections
Cut each section in half.

Cut each section in 1/2 again
Cut clips into the cone of the hat BELOW the pin mark.
Cut slits BELOW pin
Turn the hat brim upside down onto the cone of the hat

Place Brim over cone, maker side down.
Marker dots should be face down.

Marker Side Down
Fit brim onto cone.

Fit brim onto cone
Once everything is lays flat, begin hot gluing the brim to the hat.

Fold down each section and glue

Glue each section of the brim to the cone.

Glue both layers

Be sure to glue both layers of the brim.

Glue the cone to the brim
Turn the hat upside down and glue the cone flaps to the brim

Glue the cone to the brim
Glue the 2 layers of brim together

Glue the brim together
The more glue you use, the stiffer the brim will be
Glue layers together
That's it!

Simple hat - All Done!

Try it on for size!

Moe lovely hat model

Embellish the hat as desired!

White Witch costume!

Happy Halloween

Depending on the kind of felt you use to make this hat the top may flop over.  If that happens stuff the cone of the hat with a bit of tissue paper or cotton batting.  This will allow the hat to stand tall without adding too much weight!


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