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UPDATE: Honey is now available for smartphones!  Check your App Store and download their app.  It’s called Honey Smart Shopper.

DISCLAIMER - This is NOT a paid post!  I just love this app so much that I wanted to blog about it!!!

What's Honey?
Honey is a money saving app.  Smart shoppers know that before your buy ANYTHING online you google the name of the store and the word coupon.  So if i'm shopping at Macy's I google "Macy's Coupon" to see if any codes pop up.  The beauty of Honey is that is finds the coupon codes for you AUTOMATICALLY!

Here's How It Works
Go to Honey (joinhoney.com) and download the app.  It's free.  Register.  Now go online and shop online.

Once you register this little icon will show up on your desktop

Honey Icon
If you log onto a site that has honey deals, the icon will turn orange.  Shop like normal, adding items to your cart like always.  Then get ready to check out.

Once you begin the check out process, if honey has coupon codes for that site you'll see this:

This picture is telling you - wait, let us look for deals for you before you check out.  Click "find savings" and let honey get to work!

This is Honey at work
Next honey will scan all the coupon codes that it has for that site.  It will test each code (so you don't have to).  Once it finds the best coupon code, it automatically applies the discount to your order!

  In this case, honey saved me $10.17 on my order!

My original total was $50.85.  Once I let honey do her work, my total was $40.68.!!

That's it!  Check out as usual!

If you like the honey app you can refer a friend!

Easy as that!!!

Honey has saved me SO MUCH MONEY it's ridiculous!

Honey is not yet available for mobile devices - bummer!  So if you're in a situation where you can order from your desktop or from your mobile, use the desktop and save a little cash.  Also, this app added a completely random coupon code to my Papa John's online pizza order last week.  SWEET!

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