Experiments in Vegan Cooking

8:36 AM

Veggie Sandwich

I've been experimenting with vegan cooking.  My dh (darling husband) is a vegetarian and I cook veggie meals everyday.  From time to time I experiment with simple vegan dishes.  This week i'm home from work on vacation so i've been trying new things.

For this sandwich I oven roasted the veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper.

I grilled italian bread in a pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil.  Fresh guacamole was on one side of the bread and homemade raspberry vinegerette was on the other side of the bread.

True Confession:  The next time I made this sandwich I added grilled steak.  That was good too!

Spicy Roasted Carrots and Rice
 One morning for breakfast I peeled and roasted 4 carrots and 1/2 an onion.  The veggies are roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flake.

The rice is medium grain rice cooked with salt and pepper in the microwave.  YUM!

Chef's Note:  I prefer medium grain rice because it's soft whether you serve it hot, warm or cold.  Long grain rice gets very hard once it cools.

Tropical Fruit Sorbet

For dessert I made tropical fruit sorbet.  The recipe for that is posted here! 

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