Homemade Sorbet - Easy, Vegan, Dairy-free

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Homemade Sorbet
I've been making this sorbet for years. So long, in fact, that I thought that I had already made a blog post about it.  Turns out I hadn't.  I will correct this grievous error now!

EASY Fruit Sorbet 
For this recipe you will need:
2 cups frozen fruit
1/4 cup sweetener (sugar, agave, honey)
1 egg white (optional)

Food processor
spoon or rubber scraper

Add the fruit, sweetener and egg white to the bowl of the food processor.  Pulse until it looks like sorbet (about 10- 15 minutes).  You'll need to periodically stop the food processor and scrape the fruit back towards the blades.

Freeze the leftovers (if you have any-we rarely do).

A word about the egg white:  Adding an egg white to this recipe makes for a creamier, fluffier and lighter colored finished product.  It has no effect on the taste.  If you prefer a vegan version you can leave the egg white out.

I buy bagged frozen fruit from BJ's Wholesale

Add fruit to processor bowl

Add sweetener

Pulse to break up fruit

Scrape the sides of the bowl

Pulse and scrape again

Pulse and scrape again

Sorbet WITHOUT egg white

Sorbet WITH egg white
Store leftovers in an airtight container
Promptly freeze leftovers

1.  To make the process faster, allow the frozen fruit to sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes before starting this process

2.  Buy fresh fruit in season at the farmers market and freeze it to make sorbet later.

3.  For best texture, choose fruit without a lot of seeds.  I prefer pineapple, mango and strawberries.

Use leftover sorbet to thicken smoothies! 

Click the photo for a printer friendly version

Click the photo for a printer friendly version

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