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Easy Easter Basket
I know that Easter has passed, but I wanted to share the Shabby Chic Easter basket that I made for a friend.  This basket is made from scrap fabric and just took a few minutes to make.

Cut the fabric into strips leaving the top uncut
First I cut strips a long piece of fabric, leaving it uncut at the top.

Contrast strips

Next I cut strips of contrasting fabric.
Weave the pieces together
Now weave the pieces together.

I used a book near the top edge of the fabric to hold everything in place.

Continue weaving until you reach the end of the fabric.

Basket Weave
Place the woven fabric on a large piece of felt and stitch the strips in place.


Fold over the top edge of the felt and stitch in place.
Fold the felt in half to sew the short side to create a circle.

You basket needs a bottom.

Center the basket on a large piece of felt

Center the basket on a large piece of felt and draw a circle around the base of the basket

Making the basket bottom

Cut out the basket bottom.

Pin and sew the bottom in place.

Sew the bottom in place

To create the handle for this basket I braided pieces of scrap fabric together
Braided basket handle
Stitch the ends to keep the handle from unraveling

Stitch the handle to the basket

All Done!
Here's a shot of the basket in action!

Easter Bunny with Basket

Homemade Bunny Ears

I used the same technique to make a Spiderman basket for my boys.

Spiderman Basket

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