Tips and Tricks: PREVENT Sweater Pills!

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Left Side Sweater Pills
Sweater pills drive me CRAZY!  Over the past few years I've noticed that a LOT of my sweaters have heavy pilling on my left hip.  The right side gets a little, but my left hips gets a LOT!

I've used all kinds of contraptions to remove the pills once they arrive:  The Gleener is my favorite,

The Gleener is my favorite

Gleener Kit

but other fuzz removers work as well.

This one is nice

Sweater Shavers are nice
Pill removal is fine, PILL PREVENTION is better!!!!

A co-worker made a suggestion that blew my mind.  She said "if you're getting pills on your sweaters, cut the tags from the inside of your coat or jacket!"

Coat tags ruin sweaters!
This information is AMAZING to me!  AND it works!!!!

Vicious Coat tag

I had a particularly vicious tag in my favorite coat.  It's ruined more sweaters than I care to think about.

This tag had a bit of the plastic price tag attached and it was shredding sweaters as fast as I could buy them!

Coat tag with plastic price tag attached

You can see from the picture that this tag even had the evidence of it's sweater shredding ways still attached!

Sweater fuzz attached to coat tag.
Turns out - the most powerful tool against sweater pills is scissors.  Remove those tags and enjoys a pills free (or greatly pill reduced) life!

Remove your tags TODAY

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