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DIY Dollhouse Living Room Set
Over the next several weeks i'll walk you through how I made doll house furniture from an old set of blocks.  It was so easy and SO, SUPER fun!

I hope this blog post will inspire you to see ordinary household "junk" in a whole new way.

This set started off as a set of blocks that I found in a clearance bin at Walmart.

When I bought them these blocks were in an unlabled package.  I discovered later that they are called "Kids Kraft Blocks".

  To make the living room chair I used 2 blocks.

blocks for the chair

For this project you'll need wood glue, wire nails and a hammer.

Using a cordless screwdriver and the smallest drill bit I could find, I drilled 3 holes.

cordless screwdriver drill bit

drill pilot holes for the nails

add wood glue 

nail pieces together

all done

ready for paint!

To make the sofa I sawed one of the longer blocks in half for sofa arms.

This block will be the arms of the sofa

Be sure to sand newly cut edges.

Sand cut edges

assemble the sofa pieces

Drill pilot holes, glue and nail pieces together

ready for paint


Once the paint is dry, seal it with nail polish top coat!

Nail polish top coat gives an amazing shine to finished pieces

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