Home Repair/Improvement - Bomull Curtains + Rit DYE

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Unlike most people, i'm not really a big ikea fan.  We have 3 young sons at home and most things from ikea end up in pieces so it's not usually worth the money for me.

When I needed curtains for my bedroom I turned to ikea because I wasn't sure what I wanted but I needed something NOW and I could not spend a fortune.

Enter Bomull Curtains!

These curtains are great because they're VERY versatile and they're made to fit just about any kind of window.

My un-edited curtains looked like this:

They were white, tab topped and WAY past floor length.  

What I didn't realize until I got them home was that #1 - there is a rod pocket at the top of the curtain so the tabs can be cut off if you don't like the tab look.  AND, as an added bonus the Bomull curtain has both a curtain AND a sheer!  YAY!

Grab your scissors baby, it's time to fix these puppies up!

FIRST, measure the curtains and cut them to your desired length.

I cut off the tabs (I prefer to use the rod pocket). 

Finally, cut the sheer from the curtain.  The curtain is made of thick cotton fabric,  The sheer is made of much thinner fabric.  Be careful not to cut the (thicker) curtain.  

Set the sheers aside and grab your DYE.


Now I am a new convert to RIT dye, but I LOVE it!!!  AND I dye in my washing machine (less mess).

First, wash the curtains to remove any sizing (starch) that was added during the manufacturing process.

Next turn the washing machine to its longest wash cycle and fill the washing machine with HOT water and 1 cup of table salt.  Bomull curtains are 100% cotton and take dye well.  The salt helps them take the color.

Pour 1 full bottle of liquid dye (I wanted a very dark wash on the curtains) into the full machine.

Put the wet curtains in the machine.  Allow them to wash for about 5 minutes.  

Once the curtains are fully covered in dye, turn the machine off.  (It should still be full of water and dye).  Now let the curtains soak.  The longer they soak, the darker they will be.


I let these curtains soak over night.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER:  When the fabric is wet it will seem very, very dark.  It will lighten as it drys.

Once the fabric is as dark as you like, set the machine to the spin cycle and spin them to remove the water, salt and dye.


Hang dry (out of the sun - if possible).

I usually let my dye set for 24 hours before I rinse.


Once the curtains were dyed, I added the white sheer panels back.  I used clear kam snaps so that the sheers could be snapped on and off for washing.

Snap press

Snaps and snap pliers are available at JoAnn Fabric.  They are in the cloth diaper making section!

Use snaps to hold the sheers to the curtains
Make sure that the snaps are placed BELOW the rod pocket!

Make sure that the snaps are BELOW the rod pocket.
Snap on the sheers and hang the curtains!


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