Easy DIY Shoe Rack

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Simple Shoe Rack
A few weeks ago cinder block show racks started popping up on my FaceBook feed.  I've accepted that FB spys on me, but how in the world did they find out about my messy shoe closet?!

Several years back I purchased a shoe cubby from Target.

Shoe cubby from Target
  This shoe cubby was ok, but we're a family of 5 so we QUICKLY ran out of space.  PLUS by kids could never seem to put matched pairs in the slots.  The majority of the shoes ended up piled in front of the cubby on the floor and spilling into the hallway.
Didn't work out for us
As part of a continuing effort to live a more organized life, I decided to built shoe racks.  The racks needed to hold LOTS of shoes, be easy to assemble and they could not cost a lot of money.
There's always scrap wood in the shed, so a cut a few planks to size and grabbed a few left over pavers from the side yard.  Before you know it, I was in organization heaven!

Neatly stacked shoes!

These racks hold LOTS more shoes!

This 3 tied rack is at the bottom of our coat closet.  After a couple of weeks I realized that  the coats kept knocking the shoes off the top rack.  That problem was fixed with a little bit of no skid tape.

Add non skid tape to the top rack of shoes
A few strips of this tape keeps all of the shoes in place!

Non skid tape for top rack

 Total cost of this project = $12 (cost of the non skid tape).  Everything else was yard scraps!


The best part of this easy build is that you can make the racks any size and shape you want.  Here are a few other ideas:
Corner Racks
You could make space for boots
You could do all blocks and no wood

2 layer rack

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  1. I am making these for my daughter this week. Her closet in a pile of dozens of shoes and I have been putting off buying one for a year. This step by step design is not only simple, I can get all the supplies for next to nothing at Home Depot and knock it out for her this weekend for sure.

    Traci Mcdaniel @ Carolina Material Handling

    1. That's awesome! Happy building!! I'd love to see pictures when you're done!!

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  5. Great job! I love it when a woman figures out a doable and efficient solution and shares it with the masses. I cannot believe how brilliant this idea is and how simple it is to get'r done. Thank you for sharing!! For a little extra glam I think I'll stain the wood and paint the blocks if I have some left over somewhere. Now if we could all work together like this we just might could fix our world! After all, more of us are alike than different and struggle with similar experiences, than not. The truth is in when we are courageous enough to share. I can't wait to get this done. Thank you!!