REFASHION - T Shirt Make Over

9:54 AM

Recently I volunteered for a charity event.  I was excited for the event but not really thrilled with the t-shirt they sent.  There's nothing really wrong with the shirt.  I'm just not a t-shirt kind of girl.  

T-shirts tend to be unisex and boxy.  My body is definitely not unisex or boxy, so I made a few edits to the shirt.

First I needed to find a blouse that I wanted to copy. 

I have a little peplum top at home that I thought would be right.  The only problem was that I needed extra fabric to make this refashion happen.

I took the original t-shirt down to Goodwill to match the color.
Original Shirt

Color match from GoodWill
The size of the color match shirt really doesn't matter.  To make sure that the color was exact, I looked for a shirt from the same maker.

Match the manufacturer to match the color
In this case both the original shirt and the Goodwill shirt are Hanes tagless pre shrunk tshirts.  My volunteer shirt was new/unwashed and so was the color match shirt.

At home I began taking apart the Goodwill shirt as carefully as possible.

Dissemble the color match shirt- saving a much fabric as possible

I removed the sleeves and neckline and cut up one side.

Next I laid out the peplum blouse to use as my pattern.

I used my top as a pattern
I only needed to cut out the peplum.

Peplum cut from t-Shirt

I cut 1 piece for the back of the peplum and another piece for the front, then sewed them together.

Fully sewn peplum

Next I laid the peplum top on the original tshirt and cut it to size.

I didn't want to make the t-shirt sleeveless, so I left additional fabric around the arm holes.

Then I sewed the new top to the peplum.

The final step for me was the alter the neckline.  This original shirt had a crew (rounded) neckline.  I prefer a v-neck.

The Renegade Seamstress (bless her heart) recently did a tutorial on how to transform the collar of a t-shirt.  I used her tutorial

First CAREFULLY use a seam ripper to remove the front of the collar from the shirt.

I find seam ripping to be tedious, but this wasn't bad.  It just took a few minutes.

Now fold the shirt in half making sure to match the shoulders up exactly.  I used a pin to hold the shoulders in place.

Cut LESS THAN 2" from the the neckline to make a "V".  If you cut more than 2" you'll need additional fabric.

Cut the neckline into a "V"

Cut the collar fabric in half.

Cut the collar in half

This next step is weird but totally necessary.  Stretch the collar and hold is for a minute or, then pin it to the neckline.  It seems like there won't be enough collar fabric.  As long as you cut less than 2" from the neckline AND you stretched the collar fabric, you'll be fine.

Pin the collar in place and sew from the shoulder towards the center of the neckline.


STOP SEWING 1" before you get to the "v" in the neck line.

Turn the shirt on the right side and top stitch the center of the neckline.

The Renegade Seamstress gave directions on how to make the neckline perfect.  I could not figure out how to do what she did.  Her neckline looks better than mine, but all in all it came out just fine.


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