Refashion - Faux Fur Vest

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From a shawl to a vest in less than 30 minutes
A few nights ago my mom's group hosted a Lady in Red Holiday Party.  All of the ladies looked LOVELY!

Lady in Red Dinner
 I LOVE these kinds of events.  The only issue for me is that I buy or make a dress and accessories and I don't have another place to wear them.

When I can, I reuse.  But if I end up with a piece that I'm unlikely to wear again, I refashion it into something more useful.

That was EXACTLY the case with my red faux fur shawl.

Faux Fur Shawl
I LOVED this shawl and it was a big hit at the party.  BUT I know me - I would never use it again and it needed a refashion.  When I made the shawl it was just a 1 yard square of faux fur with a white lining that I sewed in.

Shawl with lining
Some of the other ladies had fur wraps and vests and so I was inspired.

 I first had to identify a pattern that I liked.  I have a black knit shrug that I used as a pattern.  The shrug is longer than I needed it to be, but I knew that I could edit the vest later.


I wanted a sleeveless vest so I folded in the arms

Fold in the arms
Next I cut around the vest leaving a generous seam allowance.

All cut out.
This first cut is the back of the vest.
Fold in half
I folded the vest in half to make sure that both sides were even and matched.  I cut trimmed off any wonky pieces.

To make the front of the vest, I used the back panel as a pattern.

Fold the fur shawl in half.  Cutting on the fold, cut the front panel.

Cutting the front panel
Cut a neckline for the front of the vest

Cut the neckline for the front of the vest

Cut the front panel into 2 pieces
Front panel

Sew the shoulders

Sew the shoulder seams,  Then sew down the sides.

My vest was too big, so I tailored it to fit my body.

To finish the project, turn and top stitch the collar, front and bottom seam.  I did a zigzag stitch to finish the armholes.

zigzag stitch to finish the arm holes
That's it!  This is a pretty easy project - even though cutting the fur can be quite messy!

I like this whimsical piece because you can dress it up or dress it down.

Great with a dress
Dress it up with jewels

Ready for play group

Simple fur vest

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