Home Repair/Improvement - Fireplace Cover Make Over

2:39 PM

Our Fireplace cover was a hideous mess.  It was old, rusted and frankly out of date!  Its been this way for 10 years (it came with the house).

I just assumed that I could run down to home depot and pick up another one.  PLUS, I had no idea how to take it off the fireplace.

So GOOD NEWS - fireplace covers are SUPER easy to remove.  Mine was held in place with a few screws.  It's basically pressure mounted, so loosen the screws and it pulls right out!

BAD NEWS - you can't just run down to home depot and buy a new one.  They need to be custom ordered and they're kind of pricey.

More GOOD NEWS - they're easy to clean and paint!

Buy this stuff, it's GREAT!

Skip the fireplace section and dash over to the paint aisle!

I don't remember what I paid for the paint, but it was less than $5!

First, though, clean and lightly sand the rust from the old cover.  Also sand of any shiny finish - this will make the paint stick better.

Rust - YUCK!
Lay the cover as flat as you can (so the paint doesn't run).

Then mask and tape the glass.

Now you're ready to paint!  I used 2 coats of paint.  I let the cover dry for about 30 minutes between coats.

That's it!  This is a REALLY SUPER EASY project.  It just took a couple of hours.

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