ReFashion Runway - Week #5 Boho Chic

9:20 AM

Let's be honest here, i'm not even entirely sure what qualifies as Boho Chic!  But, when the Renegade Seamstress said that she wanted to see Boho Chic, I did my best.

This dress is actually a refashion of a refashion.

The "During" section of this dress was kind of a mess.  You see I purchased a very summery dress in the fall.  Here's the original dress.

Original Dress
I liked it but it was WAY to small in the chest area and WAY too big everywhere else.  My idea was to combine it with a fall top and make a fall maxi.

Proposed Top for my fall Maxi Dress
Also, because i'm used to buying lycra dresses that are too small and making them bigger, I was looking for a dress that had lots of gathers.  This dress had a giant gather in the front that I knew would make it much bigger.

The resulting dress was, in a word - UGLY!  I still kind of liked the skirt fabric but I HATED the top!  So I just set the dress to the side and trusted that I'd figure it out later.

A few months later an idea struck.  I could just cut this mess into a plain shift dress and be done.  I cut off the yellow top (I don't have the patience to use a seam ripper).

Giant gather in the middle became a cowl neckline.

Using an old dress as a pattern I cut the shirt into a dress.

After #2

New neckline
That large gather from the front of the skirt became a cowl neckline.

I like this dress, but for some occasions, it's WAY too much pattern!  I tone it down with a little sweater or shrug.

When I want to be a little more boho, I wear this dress with funky jewelry!

I made the earrings

Funky flea market necklace with homemade earrings

Because I work in a conservative kind of place I wasn't sure where (or if) I would wear this dress.  Recently some friends and I took a group picture for a game show we wanted to be on.  I told the ladies to wear something bright and festive.  This dress was perfect for the occasion!

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  1. Really cute dress, Kathy! I hope you and your friends the best of luck and keep us posted on the show. :)

  2. Oops, I meant "I wish" not I hope.... :)

  3. I really like the way this turned out! Very cute and complimentary to you. I think you could get away with wearing the top with the blue shrug and black pants in a conservative work environment.