Bottle Carrier

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Martha's Bottle Wrap
In the spirit of full disclosure, I TOTALLY stole this idea from Martha Stewart!   We go to a LOT of parties and often the hostess says "just bring a bottle of wine."

I needed  a way to easily carry bottles (wine or otherwise) to gatherings and so I stole Martha's idea.

My Bottle Carrier
 Let me back up for a minute and start at the beginning.

I was invited to a Scandal Season 4 finale party.  Guests were told to wear Red (for the blood shed this season) and bring a bottle of wine.  I don't drink wine so I figured I'd bring something fun to drink.

Ruby Red Lemonade with Custom Scandal Labels

I used my computer to create wine labels with a Scandal Theme.  Then I filled 2 flip top bottles with a Ruby Red Lemonade.

Flip Top Bottle
Now, I'm ready to roll!

Ready to Roll

Martha says to use a piece of fabric that is 36"x36".  I used a beach sarong.

Lay the bottles on their sides  

Wrap the sarong around the bottles

Roll until you reach the end of the cloth

All Rolled!

Stand the bottles up and tie a knot
That's it!  So easy!

Now all I had to do was to get over to the party!  

Scandal Party
A good friend of mine has a party planning service called Pearls and Peanut Butter.  She throws AMAZING parties for every occasion!  Her Scandal party was no exception!

Here are a few pix!

Body rolled in a rug

Cupcake station
Vermont Jam for Liv and Fitz

From Smelly Mellie (Fried Chicken and Uggs) 

Props for the Selfie Wall

Food Table

Me at the Selfie Wall

Eating Fried Chicken a the Selfie Wall

For AMAZING Parties check out Pearls and Peanut Butter!

For more Tips and Tricks, click HERE!

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