Tips and Tricks: Play Date Cards

3:22 PM

Yes, your kids need their own business card!

Play Date Cards

I know it seems like a super crazy idea at first, but just hear me out.

How many times have you had this conversation:

Child: Mom, can Sammy from school come over to play?
You:  It's fine with me, do you have his number, I'll call his mom.
Child:  Here!

Then you are handed some crumpled mess that doesn't make sense at all

Kid written Phone Number

This has happened to me more times can I can count!

The last time I got business cards for myself I also made some for my kids.  It's been a TOTAL life saver!

Each of my younger children carry 10 or so cards in a Ziploc in their back pack.  I carry a small stash in my purse.

Now when the kids want a play date, they give their card to the friend.

Instead of jotting down a phone number in the carpool lane or park, I hand others mom a play date card so that we can connect later.

My favorite play date cards include the child's picture.  That way I remember which friend is coming to play.

If your child as allergies or other health/dietary restrictions the play date card is the perfect way to pass the information along when s/he goes to play.

Allergy Warning Play Date Cards

See, you thought I was crazy at first; now you're "Googling" Play Date Cards.  To see where you can get a stash!

*  Look for deals online or in stores.  I usually pay about $10 for 100 cards.
*  Include a recent picture and update the pic at least once a year
*  Laminate a few cards to attach to backpacks and lunch boxes.
*  These cards are sometimes called "Mommy Cards"
*  Choose block lettering so that its easy to read
*  If you have a blog, ebay shop, or etsy shop, get cards for yourself too!

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  1. Good idea and in fact kids will be able to get themselves recognized amongst others having their own cards. You have got some good tips to help the kids and caretakers for proper care.