Dining Banquette from a Crib - Part #1

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Update:  Read to the bottom of this page to see the upholstery of the banquette.
Every second person on Pinterest has turned their kids old crib into a bench.  I LOVE this idea but wasn't sure I could do it.  Turns out - it's super easy!  It is also back breaking work!

This was a really fun project - mostly because I wasn't sure that what I wanted to do was possible.

My vision was to create a mission style banquette for my dining room.  My 2 youngest sons LOVE restaurants and HATE sitting still.  Banquette seating in the dining room would feel like a booth to them with is very restaurant-y.  Trapping them in a restaurant booth at home will (hopefully) keep butts glued to seats until the meal is complete.

This piece was my inspiration:

This banquette has simple smooth lines that I thought I might be able to replicate.  Also-I didn't need a corner banquette.  I basically just needed a long bench.

Here was my process:

Step #1- Find the old crib in the cluttered attic.

Old crib - disassembled
Step #2-  Assess the materials.  This crib was actually in really good shape, but it had long end posts that didn't really work for my design, so they had to go.

4 Post crib - before

Step #3 - I removed the posts

I sawed off all 4 posts
Step #4 -  The next step was to assemble my basic design.  I purchased a couple of 2x4's at the hardware store and had them cut to size.

2x4's attached to the crib head and foot board
I attached the 2x4 frame to the head and foot board of the crib.

Step #5 - Seating.  I used 3/4" plywood for the seat.  This made the project VERY heavy!  But it also made for a sturdy seat.

3/4" plywood seat
Step #5 - Bracing.  The back of the banquette felt sturdy and like it wasn't going to move around ,but I wanted to make sure.  I used a couple of mending plates to brace the 2 sides of the crib together.

Back Braces

Step #6 - Standing and finishing.  The plywood was pretty rough so I sanded the dickens out of it.  Now it's smooth like butter!  I made sure to sand all of the edges so that nobody gets a splinter!

Power sand everything!

Step #7 - Fill and stain.  I filled the screw holes and stained the bench.

Step #8 - Cushions. I'll be honest, i'm not in love with the cushions I chose for this project.  I wanted to make a tufted seat, but I also need something that is machine washable.  I had a couple of old couch cushions that I cut to size.

Cut couch cushions to size

An electric knife cuts dense foam easily!
Step #9 - I made slip covers from fabric that I found on sale and her you go!

Banquette with cushions

Step #10 -  All done!

This project took me 2 days to complete.  A lot of that time was waiting for the stain to dry (even though I had fast dry stain).

The Numbers:
Whenever I see projects like this I always want to know how much they cost.  This project cost me

I already had: The crib, tools, screws, drop cloth and the cushions

I purchased:
1 - sheet 3/4" plywood (I still have the left overs)  $29.00
2- 2x4's     $3.29/each
1 - qt stain  $7.95
1 - stain paint brush   $3.49
1 - 2 pack of mending plates  $3.15
1 - pack sand paper  $3.25
2.5 yards of panne fabric (on sale) $9.95

I LOVE this project and later decided to reupholster it.  Here's a link to the reupholstery job!

Banquette Upholstery

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  1. Wow, that bench looks great! I couldn't imagine how a crib could be turned into a bench so your tutorial helped me see it. Looks like a fun project. The finished product looks very classy.

  2. Awesome project! I love furniture upcycles because they are so fulfilling. Every time you use it you can take pride in your fine workmanship.

  3. Awesome project! I love furniture upcycles because they are so fulfilling. Every time you use it you can take pride in your fine workmanship.