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Handbag Hook

There are a MILLION car purse hooks out there.  Some are great, other's not so much.  The hook that I use works for me.  Maybe it will work for you too.

S Shapes Caribiner
The hook that I use is a simple S shaped carabiner.  Carabiners are available pretty much anywhere (google, hardware stores, Target or craft stores).  I paid $3.95 for mine at LL Bean.  The most important consideration is the weight limit.  My hook holds up to 25 lbs.  That's MORE than enough to support my purse.

Clip one end to the headrest

Here's how it works.  Clip one end on the pole of the headrest.

Then clip on your bag.  That's it!

Now add your purse

I like my bag to hang in the front seat so that I have easy access to my purse while I'm driving.

Purse hanging in the front seat.

But say I need to pick up a friend or one of the kids.  I can easily swing the purse around so that it hangs in the back seat.

Purse hanging in the back seat.

That's it!

Here are the things I like best about this hook:

* It's nearly invisible when its not in use.
* It's easy to put on and take off.
* It doesn't need to be removed when it's not in use.
* It will not go flying if you need to stop short.

Other Options:

There are other car hook options available.  Here are a few:

Stay Put Purse Hook
The Stay Put Purse Hook is a nice option, but it must be removed if you have a passenger.

Car Go Purse Hook
I LOVE the Cargo handbag hook.  I think it's pretty and easy to use.  Cost is $30 each.

Handbag Handcuff
The Handbag Handcuff is the first purse hook I ever saw.  I loved the idea for decided to create my own version.  This product is available for $39.

All of these products are designed and sold my women for women.  If you find that you like or want the Car Go, Handbag Handcuff or the Stay Put hook I encourage to support these smart business women!

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  1. This never crossed my mind, but what a good idea! I may have to make my own ala Handbag Handcuff to suit my purse and vehicle. :)

    1. Great! I'm happy to offer a bit of inspiration! The Handbag Handcuff is my 2nd favorite!

  2. This was incredibly useful. Thank you