10 Simple Valentines Day Crafts

9:03 AM

1.  Set a nice table with napkins folded into hearts!

It's easy.  Here's how!

2.  Leave a love trail for a child, friend or a love!

3.  Create a festive atmosphere with Valentine inspired centerpieces!

4.  Leave Love Notes!

1 pack of pick post-it's makes this craft! 

5.  Make a heart healthy snack!

Check the cake decorating aisle for small heart cutter

6. Bake a simple heart shaped cake

1 square cake pan = 1 round cake pan = heart

7.  Strawberry Crepes for Breakfast!

 Here's the recipe for crepes!

8.  Make Button Art

9.  Enjoy a little Valentine Pizza

Check the cake decor aisle for tiny heart cutter

Buy pre-made pizza dough, crescent rolls or make homemade.

10.  Make Heart Shapes Crayons

Melt broken crayons in a silicone mold

Click HERE for more Crafty ideas!

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