Finding Comfort - Winter Survival Guide

4:34 PM

My real life
Baby it's cold outside!!

My preferred life

All I want to do is curl up in my bed!

What follows are my best tips for maintaining sanity during these cold winter months.

Tip #1  Make Your Bed Warm and Cozy
I know you don't think I was going to say "make your bed as in 'MAKE' your bed."  No ma'am!  Whether you're a bed maker or not (I'm not) make your bed super cozy!  I like LOTS of pillows, my down comforter (a MUST HAVE) and jersey knit sheets.

My favorite spot in ALL THE WORLD!
We have a queen size bed, but I always buy a King Size Comforter and Duvet.  My hubby is a cover hog, PLUS the extra fabric is so Cuddlelicious!

Jersey Knit Sheets feel like soft t-shirts
These days fancy hotels have Pillow Menus.  I like a good pillow, but really, what I need is a sheet menu!  I'll choose Jersey Knit every time!  Sweet baby Jesus, it's like sleeping in the clouds!

From your comfortable nest you're ready to reign over your comfort kingdom!

Relaxing in my comfort kingdom!

Tip #2 Surround Yourself with Positive Vibes
That's so vague and hippy, dippy but stay with me - I'll explain.  Bring into your space all the things that make you happy.

Kid Art makes my happy.

Interior design courtesy of  Destin
My middle son decorated our media closet with a trio of homemade Angry Birds.  The birds might be angry, but his art makes me smile.

Vintage family pix warm my heart.  Years ago an elderly relative told me that I should surround myself with pictures of my husband as a child.  She theorized that seeing him as a little boy would help me remember his innocence 
My husband circa 1978
Our home is filled with 70's era pix of my hubby and family.  

Tip #3 Share Your Space With a Trusted Friend!
I'm a busy working mom so I have to make time to relax!  After the kids go to bed I cuddle up with Wendy Williams (on DVR).  No I don't know Wendy personally -  she's a friend in my head.  We kee-kee about the Real Housewives and all the latest celebrity gossip.  

My girlfriend Wendy and I hang out every night!

I relax with Rachel Ray (Magazine), plan the weeks menus or just enjoy the pictures of food.  

Rachel Ray and Me
Sometime I share my space with Miss Daisy our little Yorkie poo!
Daisy is a bed hog!

Tip #3 Plan for Tomorrow
This is a tip that I've had to learn over time.  It doesn't do me any good to relax tonight if I'm going to be crazy in the morning.  I've learned to plan for the next day!

This little valet saves my sanity EVERY SINGLE MORNING!
Found this valet for $6 at GoodWill
My valet lives in our bathroom.  I dress her each night.  She holds tomorrow's outfit including socks and undies!

Ready for tomorrow
Organize yourself!
When you have time on a weekend, make yourself some kind of jewelry organizer.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  I made mine from stuff I had around the house.  It's just one more little thing to help you feel organized.

Here's another super simple necklace holder

Tip #4 Get a Good Night's Sleep!   
Imagine how great you'd feel if you gave yourself the gift of a good nights sleep each night.  I have to work at it!  Sometimes it works out - sometimes not.  When I can, I do my best to snuggle up and sleep well each night.  I turn off the TV, put the phones downstairs to charge and kill the lights.  I try to get to bed at a descent hour to I allow myself to unwind.  

I have a full time time, house, husband, dog and 3 kids at home.  Trust me when I tell you uninterrupted sleep can be tricky to come by.  I do my best though!

Bedtime companion #1
My cute hubby is a great sleep aid, but 1/2 a sleeping pill helps too!  I don't have trouble falling asleep, I have trouble staying asleep, so a little pill (sometime herbal, sometimes not) really does the trick.

Bedtime companion #2
It doesn't matter how I get there - I just need to get to sleep! (No- simply sleep is not paying my to plug their product.)    

Tip #5 - Remember - It's Not Forever!
No matter how much it feels like it now, winter won't last forever!  Before you know it you'll be dancing around in cute dresses and strappy sandals!  Just for today- get cozy and enjoy some much needed down time!

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