DIY - Wireless TV / Tablet Stand

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From the time I was a child I was 100% addicted to TV.  I even studied television in college.  For a variety of reasons I don't work in television today, but that has not kept me from being innovative where television is concerned.

Wall Mounted Wireless TV
This weekend I made my first ever wireless floating TV stand.

I have a small galley style kitchen without a ton of counter space.  Because I spend so much time there, I want the kitchen to be a comfortable place - including a place for me to watch Law and Order while loading the dishwasher.

For years I had a tiny, corded, wall mounted TV that had a cable cord plugged into the back.  The cable company changed things around so that every TV had to have a cable box.  Well I don't have space for a cable box in the kitchen.  Mama needed a plan!

Step 1 for me was to buy a tablet computer.  (I got the Kindle Fire) but any tablet computer will do.  Next I got Netflix and the app from the cable company that allows me to watch TV on my tablet.  I also have ABC Go and a few other TV watching apps.

Step 2 was a good tablet stand.  I love the origami stand.

Origami Stand for Kindle
Back view of origami stand for Kindle 
Front View of Origami Stand for Kindle
With the TV watching app, non glare screen and a good stand things were just about perfect.  Just about.

The only remaining problem is that the tablet and stand were usually in the way.  I had to prop it up on a bowl or pan to make it high enough to be easily seen.  While I'm cooking, flour, water or other food would get splashed on it.  When the battery runs low the charging cable was usually in the way.

Last week I came up with a way to watch TV on the bus during my commute (I told you I was television obsessed).

You can read all about the bus mount here.  

I used the same idea, to mount my tablet/TV to my kitchen wall.  This is SO EASY that I feel silly for not thinking of it sooner!

In my case, It was important for me to have a wall mount that allowed me to leave the origami case on the tablet.  Sometimes I need to take the tablet into other rooms.

So - here's what I did.

Using 12-gauge vinyl from the fabric store, I made a pattern.

I cut the vinyl large enough to wrap around the tablet in its case.

12 gauge vinyl cut to size
I made a few cuts in the vinyl so that it would fit my tablet and its case.

Fit the vinyl wrap over the tablet
Slip the tab through the hanging slot

Ready to hang
Charge as necessary
So that's it!

Wireless Kitchen TV at last!

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