DIY - Poo Pourri - Preventing Bathroom Stink!

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We need to have a frank talk about an embarrassing problem.  The problem, my friends, is Bathroom Stink!  The key here is to PREVENT bathroom stink rather than to try and cover it after the fact.

There are lots of commercial products on the market for this purpose.  Most notably Poo Pourri and V.I.Poo.  The products are fine, if  (in my opinion) needlessly expensive!

How Does It Work

Add Spray to the toilet BEFORE use.  The spray creates scented layer on the surface of the water that traps smells.  Make a deposit into the bowl.  Your deposit is trapped under the layer of fragrance.

Making a DIY Version  

Toilet  Drops:
Add 2-4 drops of essential oil to the toilet water before you go.  The oil leaves the bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

My family likes Lemon oil best.    

Lemon Essential Oil
Toilet Spray:
If you'd rather have a, spray, no problem, add 40-50 drops of scented oil to a 2 oz bottle of alcohol and make a spray.  Add 2-3 squirts of spray to the toilet before you go and voila!  You’re all set!

Pro Tips: 
  • Make a label with instructions for the drops or the spray.  It’s counter intuitive to spray the toilet BEFORE you go.  A few simple instructions solve this problem quickly.  **Instructions listed below.
  • Also, in the spirit of being delicate and ladylike, we call these “Doo Drops” or “No 2 Spray”
  • Make sure the drops hit the water.  If they hit the side of the bowl and have to slide down into the bowl, they take a little longer to work. 
  • You can add the drops after you’re already begun to go, but for best results put the drops in as soon as you discover that you need them.
  • Husbands or (teenage boys) might require a few extra drops.
  • If you buy scented oil online, it might not come in dropper bottles.  You can buy glass dropper bottles online. They are called Euro Droppers and they're available at or
Euro Dropper Glass Bottles


*  Keep a little bottle of essential oil in your purse to mask "nature's call" when you're out and about or visiting friends.
*  If you've visiting friends and family and you don't have your drops on hand, check for bath oil, perfume or tea tree oil.  All three work well in masking unpleasant toilet smells.  Just make sure to add them to the bowl BEFORE you go.  
*  If you're having a party or gathering at your home, every hour or so add a few drops (or squirts) to the toilet for who ever visits the bathroom next.

Leave drops (with instructions) in the bathroom

** Words for Instruction Label:

"DOO Drops"  To reduce or eliminate bathroom odor: Add 2-4 drops of Doo Drops (to toilet water) BEFORE you drop a "doo".

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