DIY iPhone Stand

3:50 PM

I am a long time fan of office supply art.  It was during a slow period in the office that I made this little iPhone stand.

iPhone Stand

Even the most inexperienced inventor can whip up this little gem in about 5 minutes. It's the most portable, durable and cost effective stand I own!

For the this project you will need:

1- Large Binder Clip
1 - Medium Binder Clip

Stand Supplies

First, remove one of the metal prongs from the medium clip.

Next, bend the remaining prong on the medium clip.  (I used the edge of my desk)

Put the clip in a slit on the desk.  Bend.
Now assemble your stand.

Clip the big clip over the small clip.

Try it out!

It probably took you longer to read this post than it will take you to make this stand.


Fold this stand and pop it in you pocket or your purse.

Folded Stand
I use this stand to watch Netflix on my lunch hour

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