Plus Size Dress Refashion - Size Transformation!

3:27 PM

This is how I turned a Jr. Girls size Large sundress into a Plus Size dress!

I'm a plus size women (size 16) and I LOVE to sew.  Refashion blogs are my passion but most of them feature skinny Minnie's.  I'm not mad at thin women - to each her own - but I'd appreciate tips on how to SIZE UP dresses and other clothes.  Taking in large clothes (in my opinion) is easier than refitting or up sizing small clothes.

What is "Refashion":
Not too long ago I did an entire blog about refashioning clothes.  It's here!  Basically to refashion is to turn one article of clothing into something else. 

Where to Shop:
My first refashion projects came from my own closet.  I look clothes from the donation pile, the too small pile and the worn out pile.  This way you can begin to practice refashion techniques without spending any money.

GoodWill, Salvation Army, resale shops and friend's donate piles are the next best places to shop.

What Fabrics Am I Looking For:
As a plus size women I shop and sew almost exclusively plus size clothing.  For myself I look for good quality stretchy fabrics.  Cotton blends and Spandex are my friends!  These fabrics fall nicely and are forgiving when my sewing is not perfect.  I also have a strong preference for patterns!  That's just a "me" thing.  The crazier the pattern the better I like it.  I can always tone down a loud pattern with a black sweater.  It's hard to turn up a boring color or style.

How Much Sewing Skill Do I Need to Refashion?:
Turns out not that much!  Because stretch fabrics (that's what I use most) tend not to fray lots of projects can get by with little or no sewing.

Here's the dress I made this weekend.

One for thing.  This dress in its original form was WAY too small for me.  The boob part would not fit over my head.  So I cut off the too small part and used the rest.

Original Dress - Ankle length Sun Dress
I cut off the too small parts
Evened up the cut
Zigzag stitched the stop edge
That's it.  All it needs is accessories!
Nice black belt at the waist
Cut cropped sweater - see below 
Me in my new dress (with a longer sweater)

Sweater refashion
The cropped black sweater was one of my first refashion projects.  You can read all about it here! (scroll to the bottom of the post to find the sweater).

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  1. Yay! I saw your entry on the Refashion Co-Op. It's so true, everyone typically goes from larger to smaller. So, I was super excited to see your posting about going from smaller to larger. Thanks for posting! You've definitely given me inspiration. :)

  2. I was pleased when I saw your post in Refashion Co-op because taking something large and making a smaller item out of it is common and not much help to me. I want to welcome you and encourage you to keep on posting; we really need more plus-size posters. Thanks for your great post.

  3. Awesome Post !
    This is fine that I look it very beautiful.I like it very much that you also added many types of information.
    I choice it very nicely.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article.
    Munmun Nishi :)

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