Sweater Refashion - My first try!

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Have you heard about the refashioning craze?  I can't recall now how I first heard of it, but it's fair to day that I'm OBSESSED!

To "refashion" is to take a clothing item and alter it into something else entirely.

Here are a few examples from around the web:

From Renegade Seamstress

From Refashionista (my personal favorite blog)

From Ruffles and Stuff
From This Mama Makes Stuff
From Diary of a Mad Mama

These women are AWESOME and I highly recommend that you visit their sites!

I am a newby refashioner.  My refashion genius consists mostly of shortening skirts and dresses and taking in clothes.  As I make my way through my refashion journey I've decided to post my progress on this blog.

When I get really good I'll post tutorials.  But for now, I'm just do before and after shorts.

Here are the first couple of sweaters I've done.

BEFORE - 80's style long sweater

AFTER - Cute cardigan!

This is a sweater from Goodwill that cost me $4.99.

Here is another Goodwill find:

BEFORE - Hip length cowl neck
AFTER - Little black Cardigan
My sweater refashions consists mostly of me cutting off the parts of the sweater that I didn't like.

Cowl Neck - BEFORE

Cut the Cowl leaving a little seam allowance

On this sweater I cut the bottom length, neck and sleeves.  I turned and top stitched the edges.  Then did a zigzag stitch over the raw edge.  This was a 10-15 minute project that came out just great!

I'm going to add buttons to pink sweater.  Once I do I'll post pix.

To date I've purchased about $100 worth of dresses, shirts and sweaters from Goodwill.  I've refashioned 5-6 dresses and skirts from my closet.  Pride kept me from photographing most of the "before" shots.  I honestly though I'd make a mess.  Turns out - not so much!  All in all I have about a dozen new outfits!  You can't beat that!

I will continue to update my blog as I create!

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  1. How has your black sweater held up over time? Has it frayed or come loose? I want to chop up an old sweater but thought I'd ask you first :)

    1. It's held up great! I did a zigzag stitch on all of the raw edges, then turned them once and top stitched. I refashioned the black sweater in Spring of 2014. It is worn on a regular basis in the spring and fall and still looks new.